Pallet Racking

If you are into Lean then you are most likely feeling pressure to reduce your inventory and get it closer to where you need it. You are being pushed to reduce batch sizes and be more flexible to do different things than you planned in order to satisfy customers. The days of buying raw material by the truckload, storing it all in a raw material storage area on standard pallet racks till you need it, and building up finished goods inventory are likely a thing of the past. To implement Lean you are likely going to need more, smaller, more flexible pallet racking for raw, WIP, and finished goods inventory. The unique modular design of a Tecnia Structure pallet rack provides you much more flexibility in size and use than traditional pallet racking.

Because of this a pallet rack can be designed to fit into existing available space without having to re-organize and move everything around in the plant or work area to accommodate a traditional pallet rack. We can also design these pallet racks as flow racks to minimize material handling and increase worker safety. The best part is that when you need to change you can re-configure all the pallet rack components yourself into something new that best suits your needs rather than again trying to utilize standard racks.

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