Live Storage Solutions

Live Storage Solutions - to suit YOUR business

We have all struggled to find the exact thing we need for our situation only to spend way too much time searching and then having to live with something that's not quite right. Whatever your requirements are, Tecnia will provide you with a custom solution - here are just a very few examples of what we offer:

Pick Racks

  • Ergonomically correct container position

  • Kanban buffer storage for second container

  • Portable work surface

Perfect for:
  • Small electronics/wiring assembly

  • 2-bin Kanban systems

  • Assembly stations that need to be flexible

Storage Racks

  • Custom-designed to include a place for all components needed

  • No need for multiple racks with different shelf heights

  • Can be configured to hold oddly shaped items

Perfect for:
  • Kitted carts for assembly operations that can be filled ahead of time

  • Operations that require multiple shapes and sizes of components

  • Master part number rack with all components parts located on the same rack


  • Provides direction, feedback, and motivation to employees

  • Portable - goes where you need information

  • Promotes time saving, stand up meetings

Perfect for:
  • Daily production meetings

  • KPI, SPC, Kanban boards

  • Magnetic boards for job packets, blueprints, sample photos

Gravity Flow Racks

  • Maintains FIFO inventory cycles

  • Reduced material handling

  • Ergonomic container positioning

Perfect for:
  • Constraint inventory buffers

  • Minimizing cherry picking - work on the right thing @ right time

  • 2 bin Kanban systems


  • Have a place for everything needed and everything in its place

  • Do the work where the work is needed

  • Ensures proper lighting

Perfect for:
  • Workstation 5S - Set in order

  • Quality control stations used for multiple machines

  • Supervisor desks

Custom Tables

  • Variety of table top materials available

  • Work surface height can be adjustable

  • Underneath storage

Perfect for:
  • Layout tables

  • Sorting tables

  • Cutting tables

Supermarket Flow Racks

  • Designed specifically for your products - saving space

  • Maintains FIFO inventory cycles

  • Reduced material handling

Perfect for:
  • Pull Mfg. - Load from rear, pull from the front.

  • Process constraint buffers

  • Products with shelf life issues

L-shape Flow Racks

  • Space saving custom design

  • Maintains FIFO inventory cycles

  • Reduced material handling

Perfect for:
  • Pull manufacturing

  • Visual inventory counts

  • Empty bin removal

Trust Tecnia to take your business to the next level!

Our team of experts are happy to help you get sorted with what you need, in the most efficient manner!

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We will prepare all the components that you need, and deliver them within ten days.

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