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Do you know how much it costs to move something in your plant? One method of plant layout study involves calculating the annual distance, time, and cost of each movement in the plant. It is not surprising that forklift handling is typically the most expensive type of material handling. You have the high cost of the fork truck, fuel, and maintenance, plus the cost of the operator including the hours of training time required for OSHA compliance. Because of their high costs, forklifts are commonly overutilized leading to frequent breakdowns that disrupt production. Yet this is still often the most frequent and dangerous type of material handling done in the plant.

It is not always possible to eliminate forklift handling, but we can look at ways to reduce the overall costs of material handling, reduce disruptions, and improve safety. We offer several material handling solutions that address these variables. Our carts can be uniquely designed to fit your products and needs to safely move a wide variety of products without the use of expensive powered equipment. Our flow racks can eliminate material handling labor costs entirely. Our workstations and racks can minimize the labor time involved by improving the distance traveled and frequency of material handling moves. As always our equipment is flexible and can be reconfigured as your needs change.

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